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Things to do

  • London’s Annual Events and Festivals

    London’s Annual Events and Festivals

    There is so much for you to do and see in London. In addition to attractions and West End shows, you will find lively festivals and other scheduled events. If you have flexibility in determining your travel dates, please review a sample list of events below: In January, you will find the Russian Winter Festival. This festival celebrates Russia, but is perfect for individuals of all nationalities. In fact, it draws over 70,000 visitors each year. This free event is home to some of the best Russian influenced films, concerts, and food. Also, in the month of January, you will find the New Year’s Day Parade. This 2-mile parade is filled with thousands of participants, including the mayor. In February, you can join London as they celebrate the Chinese New Year. Occasionally this event will…

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  • Arts In London

    London has always been one of the most well known cities in the world. A culturally rich city, London has several fascinating and unique galleries which people can and should also visit. The art galleries which I would recommend people to visit in London: Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace This gallery shows various pieces from the Royal Collection including famous works by Leonardo and Vermeer. Their have been many additions to the amount of items on display after a recent extension. I personally like viewing the jewels that are on show, which are very impressive. The whole place is steeped in history and some of the pieces of furniture on display are not only worth huge sums of money, they are also extremely old and superbly maintained. The National Gallery There are a number of…

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  • Shopping the Best of London’s Market

    Shopping the Best of London’s Market

    Markets are an important part of everyday life in London, where produce is sold, goods are bartered and bargains are made. There are several scattered all over the city, all specializing in different wares. Here’s a guide to the main markets and what they have to offer. Bermondsey Address: Bermondsey Square on Tower Bridge Road Trading: 04.00 to 12.00 daily Description: One of London’s oldest markets, Bermondsey is famous as a haunt of thieves, due to an ancient ruling (which, incredibly was only recently abolished) stating that the origin of goods sold before sunrise could not be brought under suspicion, therefore allowing stolen goods to be traded freely and without question. For this reason, the market has traditionally started very early in the morning. Get there early to find the…

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